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Love You Long Time
By Laura McCollough Moss

We're not kids
it's just another day really
Hallmark holiday
gone commercial
I'd kill you if you
spent money
out of obligation.
What's real love anyway?
Not construction paper hearts
with doilies on top
or the latest jewelry craze.
It's getting up with babies
making homemade soup
bringing home new boots when the old ones
crack and let the water in.
 We don't have to jump
through adolescent hoops
to know what we have here.
would it have killed you
to pick up a dollar card
and a candy bar?
I mean really.
What are you doing out there?
So this is what it's like
to sit in the living room
and smell something cooking.
Here you come with a plate
of noodles with the chicken
shaped perfectly on top.
"I can give you more but I didn't want to spoil the heart."
God I'm lucky
You've always known just what I needed
And I cry
Oh, Honey,
You shouldn't have.

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