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And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. ~Sylvia Plath



Just a Feeling I Get
By Laura McCollough Moss

I'd like to quantify
this pain for you
on a scale of one to ten
it's not so much a pain
as an ache
oh, not an ache but a
all down my arms
 across my chest
where someone has been
taken away
never to hold
what kind of remedy
 not a job for
non-steroidal anti-inflammatories
acetaminophen won't touch it
narcotics wouldn't make a dent
I've tried red wine
which when overdone
only helps the tears to flow
 then the ache stops being dull
and my fingers tingle
grasping for
a memory.



How I Spent My Easter Break
By Laura McCollough Moss

Ever the Good Mother
or so I assumed
as I tidied and scrubbed
baked and shopped
careful to select
to convey welcome
attention to preference
and comfort
 making the fatal mistake
of expectation
A misguided effort
to mend
the apparently irreparable
result of my
smothering love
Twenty year old home video
aiming the camera at a
car-seated toddler
whose disinterested gaze out the window
makes the cajoling
"Do you love your Mom?"
over and over
all the more humiliating
This need runs deep
not connected to you
and starting
long before you came along
but you were supposed to fill it
And you've grown to resent me
hate me even, I'm sure
I'm a childish writer
a wannabe intellectual
I don't act my age
I'm delusional
An unsafe, unreliable confidante
bound to leak
in the hunt for affirmation
Setting this down
I think I hate me, too
how could it have gone so wrong
Time to snap
that brittle yardstick
look deep inside and
start over
There's an anger simmering in me now
it's time to learn that comfort can only be found
too staggering a burden to place
on anyone else
So I won't wait here
to be told of my
I won't come begging for the report
I'll be busy
licking my wounds
on a yoga mat
maybe some travel
more conscious writing
Surround myself with other imperfect people
who understand
This whipping post
has closed up shop
and you are free,



By Laura McCollough Moss

I'm worried
will Spring ever come
will I gain weight
from Easter dinner
will my dogs stay healthy
will the organic detergent
get the clothes as clean as Tide
will these wars ever stop
will I lose my job
will I have to work forever
will gas prices go higher
will I get cancer
like my parents
will we have an earthquake
does my husband still want me
am I looking older
will the Colts have a decent season
will I write anything of substance
will anybody care
will I have grandchildren
will we sell the house
will the business thrive
can Lil Jon win the Apprentice
will facebook cost money
why'd I buy a gas guzzler
flying Southwest in July
is God for real
should I rip up the old carpet
will I get out in my kayak
will the sixteens fit by summer
can I face the anniversary
of my mother's death
can't bear to lose anyone else
yet know I will
what's it feel like to die
what's this rash about
do those sneakers really tone anything
should I have had those two cookies
am I weird
are my kids happy
can their partners stand me
can I live my dreams
do I drink too much coffee
I'm telling you
I'm worried.



All There Is
By Laura McCollough Moss

So this is it,
wake up
show up
digest the insults
endure the ignorance
dodge the bullets
who needs 'em?
Let's see you
put a positive spin
on this development.
Somehow you still try
embrace the challenge
Stay busy
eat shit
and die
 a little
every day.