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And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. ~Sylvia Plath



Friday Night
By Laura McCollough Moss

Another hard week
 tired but
make the effort
Hire a sitter
put off the electric bill
Pretty face
too much makeup
teeth not perfect
no money for that
Nothing to wear
borrow a top from a friend
shiny, cheap and tight
clings to the muffin top
over jeans from
before the baby
Old bridesmaid's heels
kill to walk in 
the bar is full
the usual crowd
look for that guy
 with the cute smile
not here tonight
 married anyway
 the rest are slim pickins
jeans low down
 silver studded belts
hats on sideways
not a decent ass in the bunch
strong cologne
don't expect them to buy drinks
not too bright
air-guitar their cue sticks
to the thrumming jukebox
hang around til closing
who will be lonely
enough to take them home.



Family Leave
By Laura McCollough Moss

That's it
don't be restless now
Dial soap
hot water in a plastic basin
squeeze the cloth tight
wrap it around your hand
like a mitt
never forgot that
press the moist, clean-smelling warmth
gently against her face and
hear the grateful sigh
Wipe the eyes carefully
outward from the inside corner
each side of the nose
wet the lips
"I was thinking,"
she rasps
"About the restaurant.
Mike could make up boxed lunches.
He could have specials with
a different sandwich featured every day."
There's a pause while I stare into the cloudy water
tears piercing my eyes
She looks at me
"What's wrong Honey?"
I look at her
really look
we both know her time is fading
"I'm just sad that you won't be there."
I take her hand and clean between the fingers.
There's so little I can do and yet
it is everything.
She doesn't look now
closes her eyes
"I'll be there,"
she says
Picking up the towel
I know
 she will.



Good Grief
By Laura McCollough Moss

the veil is lifted
look up
accept the sun's comfort
Ah, that's what it felt like
it's been so cold 
 so dark
for so long
One day a sliver of joy streams in
with its friend hope
Shedding light
you remember
without tears
laugh again
A far better tribute
to live your life
lay your cautious heart bare
 what was
who's left
 what is and
what's to come.