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A Woman's Rite
By Laura McCollough Moss

Try to understand
it's still fresh you see
this hurt
this pain
that you see in me
feeling guilty
blistering shame at what I've done
I was raised better
wouldn't hurt
But I did
someone who needed me
to survive
 I was more concerned about
the appearance of things
He drove me there but
didn't stay
I was all alone
to face the choice we made
Country hick
I'm sure they thought
don't they teach them
about this there?
Intern came
examined my breasts for the longest time
smirked and pulled
the gown back down
I was that naive
and scared
Sure that I deserved the worst
 they had in store
I called home the night before
We couldn't talk long
 make the boys suspicious
They came for me
no turning back
The older roommate gave a knowing glance
I laid on their gurney
and swallowed my pride
none of them knew what went on inside
After I woke felt sick
threw up yes that's it
you should be miserable
That's when she
placed a cool hand on my forehead
held a basin in front of me
spoke softly
I was confused
how could she treat me this way
did she know?
Today I know she did
she saw
the innocence, the fear
the regret
and still cared for me
That angel nurse
don't think I ever knew her name
but she inspired me
to go on and make the most of my life
I've gone on to touch
soothe and comfort
but I am always atoning that scar
December 17, 1979

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