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The Grateful Un-dead
By Laura McCollough Moss

Good morning
wake to see another day
Let's hear those feet hit the floor
to take dogs out
find clothes
This ordinary routine
do you know how many
face life's explosions and would give
to feel normal
travel that familiar route?
Take this gift
pick up the scattered socks
stop for milk
make your deadlines
kiss those foreheads
Thank your lucky stars.

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  1. "Awake.
    Shake dreams from your hair
    My pretty child, my sweet one.
    Choose the day and choose the sign of your day
    The day's divinity
    First thing you see."
    The Ghost Song, The Doors

    within your first two stanzas (is that the correct use of the word? here, i'm trying to appear a knowledgeable poetry enthusiast and, well, may have totally squashed that appearance... but, hey, i ain't scared!) these lyrics flowed, ever nostalgic, through my mind.
    thanks, again, for another reminder of "good grooming and hygiene... self-love and good manners" - what life is about.

    oh. and a great start to today's "day of peace".


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