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By Laura McCollough Moss

It started today,
out on Lake Gaston
the somber broadcast
A few there,
a few more on land because
Papa likes to think of her beneath a tree
tomorrow all the rest
will go as she wanted
into the Atlantic
off the Carolina coast
and I wonder
where are the lavender toenails?
I hope her arms are in Gaston
she can caress us
while we swim
Her strong proud face
beneath the tree
basking in the sun year-round
Her heart
belongs in the ocean
adrift along the surface,
glinting in the moonlight
drifting toward a lighthouse
With the emptying of that box she is gone
we can't put our hands on her
But she is bigger now,
part of nature
that is the way it should be
Goodbye, Love
Enjoy your travels
your time has come.

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